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LS29 0NS

Tel: 01943 839968


Opening Times:

 Mon-Frid 7.30 - 12.30

Sat 7.30 - 12.30

Sun 7.30 - 12.30




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Members Area

Trout and Grayling Fishing on one of the finest stretches of the River Wharfe

Guests are welcome to come and fish a wonderful stretch of prime Trout and Grayling fishing on the River Wharfe at Addingham. Day tickets and Catch Return slips will be available for £15 from Addingham Post Office (mornings only) . Maximum of 2 Day Tickets per day wil be issued, if guests want to reserve then please get in touch with the Post Office on 01943 839968.

A  map, for directions to our visitors car park is available here.  The Catch Return box for completed slips is located by the gate. 

No member, guest or day ticket holder may charge for instruction on AAA waters without written permission from the Committee, which if granted, must be shown on request. 

Exception: A member may engage the services of a Fishing Instructor with the permission of the Secretary.

Fly and bait fishing are allowed (Environment Agency rules and regulations apply), also see day ticket for local rules.

REMEMBER - discarded fishing hooks and line kill wildlife and please abide by the Countryside Code.

Open Season : (inclusive)

Brown Trout 25th March to September 30th

Grayling 16th June to March 14th

No spinning allowed



Lambing Season: It is currently lambing season and the landowner for the majority of our river has lost lambs to walkers with dogs.  If members or guests are fishing, please request members of the public to read the signs provided and ensure their dogs are on a secure lead.  Many thanks in advance.


We hope you enjoy our river and your day.