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Parking for visitors is in the layby opposite the entrance to Farfield Hall on the B6160 between Addingham and Bolton Abbey. Please don't leave your Day Ticket in your windscreen as the Baillif might need to see it. Instead, you should leave a piece of paper/card with either "A" or "AAA" on it.

AAA ParkingAAA Parking

Access to the river is over the fence to the left of the five bar gate.

AAA Parking

Walk straight down the field to Remembrance Pool and the AAA sign in a large tree on the riverbank. Once there fishing is available on either bank, up or down stream until you reach the limit signs. There is livestock on the fields on either bank so please keep to the riverside footpaths.

Alternative parking is also available on Lowfield Lane. This is the lane on the east side of the river. Travelling south from the A59, pass through Beamsley. The river is visible at the bottom of the valley. Just after an area of woodland on the right there is a large lay by. Park here.

AAA Parking

Walk back along the road to the end of the wood.

AAA Parking

Hop over the fence and walk down the steep hillside to the river.

AAA Parking

Parking is also possible in Addingham on Bark Lane. From here you can walk on the public footpath upstream past the weir and caravan park to reach the lower limit of our fishing on the right hand bank.


You can view the parking areas at Farfield Hall and Lowfield Lane and access to the different pools by clicking here.