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A Concise History of Addingham Angling Association

For many years, anglers from Addingham were unable to fish the River Wharfe unless they joined Bradford No 1 or the Bradford Waltonians.

  • In the Autumn of 1983 villagers became aware that the Bradford Waltonians stretch of the Wharfe was up for lease renewal
  • October 1983 - Addingham Angling Association was set up by a small group of anglers. An offer was made to lease this water from the West Yorkshire County Council, with the following provision:
    (i) any legal method of fishing to be allowed
    (ii) day tickets to be issued to enable anyone to fish the water

  • Late 1983 to Spring 1984 - negotiations took place with the Parish Council and West Yorkshire County Council
  • On 3rd April 1984 a joint bid for the water's lease was submitted by AAA and the Parish Council
  • The lease was granted for 20 years, dating from 23rd January 1985
  • Spring 1987 - The West Yorkshire County Council Residuary Body offered to sell to AAA/Parish Council riparian rights, provided day ticket fishing was allowed, together with the use of any legal fishing method
  • On 10th March 1987 AAA appointed four Life Trustees with powers to act on any matters regarding finance
  • On 12th October 1988 the AAA/Parish Council purchased the riparian rights to the water on a 999 years lease
  • So even today AAA fulfil the demands of the lease by:
    (i) issuing day tickets
    (ii) allowing any legal fishing method
    (iii) giving free Junior Membership and subsidised Intermediate Membership

    All designed to encourage participation and enjoyment in the sport we all love!

     Trustees: H. Sunderland, M. Roe, C. Guest, P. Bell.