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Addingham Angling Association have full membership for 2023. If you would like your name adding to the waiting list, please either write to the Membership Secretary (details below) or contact us by email using the contact form on the Contact Us page.

Adult Membership is £90 per season plus an initial £25 registration fee for applicants living within the village boundry, £50 for applicants living outside the parish. 

Youth Membership is available to anglers under the age of 18 and is free. Youth members may fish unaccompanied only if their parent/ guardian has given the Association written authority and assurance that they accept all responsibility.

Youth members reaching the age of 18 continue their youth membership for that season and are then eligible for intermediate membership.

Intermediate Membership is available to anglers between the ages of 18 and 21 at a reduced fee as decided by the Committee. Intermediate Members have the same rights as Full Members.

Intermediate Members reaching the age of 21 continue their intermediate membership for that season and are then eligible for full membership.

Adult and Intermediate Members are permitted to purchase guest tickets which allow guests to fish the river if accompanied by the member. Guest tickets are available from the Membership Secretary at a cost of £15 for 5 tickets.

Members benefit from a short “members only” stretch of fishing (ie no day tickets) on the River Wharfe in Addingham as well as fishing on Yorkshire Water’s reservoirs in the Washburn Valley.

Annual membership subscriptions are to be paid by the last day of February each year.

Addinghan Angling Ready to fishAll enquiries regarding membership should be addressed to the Membership Secretary: Rob Whitemore, Coach House, Upper Parish, Ghyll Lane, Ilkley, LS29 9NX                              

Or contact us by email using the contact form on the Contact Us page.

Click here for an application form - please send to the above address but do not include any payment.  

Please note all applications will be reviewed by the committee and when successful the Membership Secretary will inform you of your acceptance and arrange payment of your subscription.