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AAA is keen to maintain a strong and healthy environment for Anglers and the wildlife on our river.  From 2017 we have introduced breeding Trout.  These are easily identified by a clipped or missing Adipose fin and request that any fish with a missing Adipose are returned safely to the river to breed.

A maximum of 2 Day Tickets will be issued each day.  These are available from Addingham Post Office and if guests wish to reserve tickets then please get in touch prior to your visit through the website. 

No Member, Guest or Day Ticket holder may charge for instruction on AAA waters without written permission from the Committee. which if granted, must be shown on request.

Exception: A Member may engage the services of a Fishing Instructor with the permission of the Secretary. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

AAA breeding trout with clipped or missing Adipose fin.


The policy to only stock breeding fish has been in place for three years. The stocking policy was reviewed at this years AGM and it was agreed to change the policy to include larger non breeding Trout (Triploids) as well as the smaller breeding Trout (Diploids). 

These will be sourced locally from Bolton Abbey and stocking dates for 2020 will be advertised here and in the members section when confirmed.



Howard Sunderland, Michael Roe, Jon Wells, Cyril Guest.


Chairman - Peter Bell

Vice Chair - TBC

Secretary - Tony Brady

Treasurer - Cyril Guest

Membership Secretary - Anthony Braithwaite

Committee members: Paul Tinsley, Robin Ellis, Robin Priestley, Simon Stephenson.

Life Members

H Sunderland, M. Roe, P. Tinsley, B. Armand, M Moore, C Winterburn.