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Day tickets are available, a maximum of 2 Day Tickets will be issued each day.  These are available from Addingham Post Office (mornings only). 

No member, guest or day ticket holder may charge for instruction on AAA waters without written permission from the Committee, which if granted, must be shown on request.

Exception: A member may engage the services of a Fishing Instructor with the permission of the Secretary. 



Hopefully you’ve had chance to get out on the river and had some success? If not, at least made some interesting observations with regard to wildlife in general and also noted the different fly hatches.

Admittedly there have been very difficult days, especially with the extremely low and clear river conditions and cold winds. It’s all too easy to spook the fish. At the moment it’s days with little fish movement and others where the water simply ‘boils’, the well-known fly fisher’s phrase of ‘a bit hit and miss’ and picking the right day.

The large dark Olives & Grannom should now be gradually disappearing, so keep an eye out for the slightly smaller Olive version, (imitations such as Greenwells Glory) and of course Iron Blues. Alders (similar to a ‘winged’ Griffiths Gnat) and Stoneflies. At times there are many different species hatching in May, so it pays to be flexible and watch closely.

I would suggest you consider a smaller hook size, maybe 16 or even 18 but any of the above seems to work and usually induces take when the trout are feeding, drop one above the rise and hang on.

You’ll have periods of little movement, nymphs will always find the odd trout, but movement is the key, a couple of passes and be prepared to move. A couple of casts upstream, allow to drift back towards you and then a few paces upstream and repeat. They are there, even in the very shallow, fast moving sections.

For the deeper runs, try a Spider pattern on the dropper, otherwise a red spot Pheasant Tail Nymph or pink shrimp will encourage a take. And always watch closely for rising fish. Often there will be a sudden burst of activity so be prepared to cover feeding trout.

Hawthorn flies will be continuing to hatch, so a delicately placed pattern, drifted under overhanging branches can be fruitful.

Later on in the month is when Mayflies start appearing, so if you see any, don’t be afraid to ‘go big’. There are hundreds and hundreds of Mayfly imitations, so as far as I’m concerned it’s personal choice, so change often and persevere, realistically however you will need an element of luck in finding the right pattern.

Tie on a Klinkhammer as you search through your Mayfly selection, as they will often produce, it’s always a good ‘fall back option’.

Tight Lines.



There have been some recent changes to Association officers, with Tony Brady announcing his decision to stand down as Secretary and Mick Roe resigning from the Committee after 40 years serving the club. Cyril Guest has taken on the role of Chair and Peter Bell has taken over as Secretary. In addition we have two members who have joined the Committee, Charlie Dutton and Rob Whitemore.


Howard Sunderland, Michael Roe, Cyril Guest.


Chairman - Cyril Guest

Secretary - Peter Bell

Treasurer - Cyril Guest

Membership Secretary - Anthony Braithwaite

Committee members: Paul Tinsley, Robin Ellis, Robin Priestley, Graham Maud, Charlie Dutton and Rob Whitemore.


Life Members

H Sunderland, M. Roe, P. Tinsley, B. Armand, M Moore, C Winterburn.