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 Mon-Frid 5.30 - 17.00

Sat 5.30 - 12.00

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Trout and Grayling Fishing on one of the finest stretches of the River Wharfe

Guests are welcome to come and fish a wonderful stretch of prime Trout and Grayling fishing on the River Wharfe at Addingham. Day tickets and Catch Return slips are available at £15 from Addingham Newsagents and Post Office. A Google map, for directions to our visitors car park is available here.  The Catch Return box for completed slips is located by the gate.

Please note AAA is keen to maintain a strong and healthy environment for Anglers and the wildlife on our river.  As well as regular fish stocking we have introduced breeding Trout and Grayling in recent seasons.  These are easily identified by a clipped or missing Adipose fin and request that any fish with a missing Adipose are returned safely to the river to breed.

AAA breeding trout with clipped or missing Adipose fin.



Fly and bait fishing are allowed (N.R.A. rules and regulations apply), also see day ticket for local rules.

REMEMBER - discarded fishing hooks and line kill wildlife and please abide by the Country Code.

Open Season : (inclusive)

Brown Trout 25th March to September 30th

Grayling 16th June to March 14th

No spinning allowed


Hope you enjoy our river and your day.